Discover Chinese Mythology And Some Of Its Amazing Gods

The world is extremely diverse and we are faced with different cultures all the time. In times where the internet is accessible to most people, it’s easy to take some trips without leaving your home, with the places we want to visit and the cultures we want to live in the palm of our hands . This diversity can be seen within the same country, where regions maintain their proper traditions. It’s even more intense when we talk about different countries or, better yet, continents. It is impossible to talk about traditions, stories and mythology as a whole without mentioning Chinese mythology, which is one of the most interesting in the world.

China is a mysterious and charming country at the same time. There, we can come across beliefs on all sides, with images of gods and goddesses, mystical creatures, historical characters, the famous and beloved dragons, unicorns and so on. Over time, China built its myths based on the stories, religions and philosophies of its people. Therefore, we decided to search a little more about Chinese mythology and its gods and bring it to you, dear reader. Check out these sovereign entities with us below and share with your friends now.

Gods of Chinese Mythology

1 – Panku, the Creator

Panku is the creator of the world, started everything. At one time, there was only chaos, from which Panku emerged. He was the first conscious being in history. Using an axe, he split the world between heaven and earth. After his death, his eyes became the Sun and Moon, his breath became the wind and the parasites that inhabited his body became the animals that inhabit the world today.

2 – Nu Wa

In the absence of someone to talk to, Nu Wa was responsible for the creation of human beings, using clay as the main material. Happy with the result of the first human, she began to mold more people and populate the world. Unfortunately her creation was not immortal and, upon realizing they were dying, she created sex. In this way, human beings could reproduce on their own, without her having to create all the time.

3 – Fu Xi

Fu Xi was Nu Wa’s husband and brother, as well as a great protector of humans. The god was responsible for showing us how to perform more complex activities, such as forging metals, writing and mapping the seasons. According to mythology, Fu Xi was the first Chinese emperor, reigning from 2852 BC to 2737 BC

4 – Shennong

Shennong is a god with a crystalline belly and through her he can see everything that happens. He was the one who helped the humans, who had no knowledge about planting, so they didn’t know if the plants were toxic or not. He made people try them all to see how they acted in the body. Shennong was responsible for creating Chinese medicine by seeing how plants healed.

5 – Jade Emperor

The Jade Emperor is another god in Chinese mythology. He is considered by many to be the king of heaven and hell. He is the commander of the Four AO, water gods capable of taking dragon form and manipulating rain and sea.

6 – Yu

In various mythologies, there are different versions of the flood. In Chinese mythology we can also find it. It tells of an engineer god, Yu, who, instead of building an ark, built canals to deal with the flood from heaven.

7 – Guan Di

Guan Di, from Chinese mythology, is the god of war. Though bloodthirsty, he is quite pleased when peace reigns in the world. Historians believe the myth derives from a real warrior.

8 – Huang Di

Also known as the Yellow Emperor, Huang Di is four-faced and can see everything. One of the god’s greatest feats was to ascend to heaven, proving to humans the existence of another realm.

9 – Yi

According to legend, there was a time when ten suns took turns to light up our planet. One day, they all revolted and appeared together, thus causing drought and death. At that time, Yi with his bow and arrow destroyed nine suns, leaving only one.

10 – Tsao Chun

In many Chinese kitchens , it is possible to find the image of this god. This is because it is believed that, in the new year, he reports on the home. Therefore, the tradition is to smear honey on his mouth, so that he speaks only sweet words.